AUTOM8N User docs

Setup URL Redirects


URL redirects setup from cPanel is done via .htaccess file and will work only in PROXY mode . For native nginx (nginx+php-fpm etc),you will need to setup the redirects in AUTOM8N plugin All rdirect types can be easily setup from AUTOM8N plugin

Enable Directory listing

AUTOM8N » Server Settings » autoindex [ enabled ]

Content Optimization

Following optimizes your html pages

  1. pagespeed - provides html pages optimised for speed . it rewrites and modifies resources onyour webpage


“PassThrough” pagespeed level may sometime break page rendering . Select CoreFilters for a less drastic optimization

  1. brotli and gzip - Both brotli and gzip reduce content size ,brotli gives 20% more reduction but works over https:// only

Security Headers

clickjacking_protect - Disallow Iframe to be loaded in your website from external domains . Disable this feature if you have external iframe

disable_contenttype_sniffing - Read - Keeping this option [ enabled ] is good

xss_filter -Read - Keeping this option [ enabled ] is good

Custom nginx configuration

To enable custom configuration ,please upload configuration to be placed in the server{} section of your nginx configuration in the application’s root folder (eg; /home/user/public_html/nginx.conf)

Once done. You can activate the config from

cPanel >> AUTOM8N >> Server Settings >> user_config

set to [enabled]

What pagespeed filters are active?

You can view the active filters using

curl -H "PageSpeedFilters: +debug"
# must be substituted with your domain name