cpanel cluster hosting for successful hosting business

What is cluster hosting?

Clustered web hosting uses multiple web ,application,database servers to create a horizontally scalable hosting platform for the end user for a true elastic hosting experiance.

Managed clustered high available and scalable web hosting is the requirement of any SME’s deploying traditional three tier web applications as SME’s are often under staffed and lack the expertise to use or migrate to cloud native applications that are designed with scalability and availability in the core.

Most SME’s still work with traditional shopping carts and content management systems that are not cloud native .

How AUTOM8N can help

AUTOM8N has years of expertise creating solutions for web hosts that cater to scalability and availability . XtendWeb is a plugin for the cPanel web hosting control panel used by most managed hosting providers to offer shared and dedicated hosting demands of enterprises . Our revolutionary product bring cPanel hosting to the next level by providing a platform build on top of the high performance web server Nginx


1. Scalability and availability without too much technical knowledge - Featuring a fully automated deployment a web hosting company needs minimal staff training and inhouse expertise to deploy XtendWeb cluster

2. Developer Friendly - Most mid sized enterprise has requirement for developer friendly hosting solutions .XtendWeb support deploying apps in PHP, HHVM , RubyOnRails, Python NodeJS , Java , ColdFusion etc and allow a webhost to offer any version of the popular scripting engines

3. Features like scalability and availability are in high demand - For most SME’s the websites are their means of providing window shopping experinace to users on the Internet . Having a high available storefront or email service is a strict requirement in such situations . XtendWeb perfectly fills the gap

How to get started?

If you have existing web hosting business based on cPanel and have servers in multiple data centeres or just more than one Physical server used for creating virtual machines .You can start offering clustered high available hosting right away

All you need is 2 servers or virtual machines that are physically seperated (like for example vm’s from 2 different physical server)

Self Managed - If you have expertise in managing a cPanel server - All you need is 2 license of XtendWeb software (16 USD per month) and request a free setup of the cluster

Managed Single Cluster - You can get a fully managed and monitored cPanel web cluster from AUTOM8N at 75 USD

Managed Multiple Cluster - If you have requirements for more than one managed cluster , our 150 USD SME plan allows you to have any number of managed ,monitored clusters at a flat fee of 150 USD per month

Growing your business

Market your clustered shared or dedicated hosting solution as a premium managed offering for end users who need managed high available and scalable web hosting .

Typical products you can create:

  1. Managed High available and scalable Enterprise shared hosting
  2. Manged High available and scalable enterprise VPS hosting
  3. Managed High available and scalable enterprise Dedicated server hosting
  4. High Performance Web Hosting
  5. Developer Friendly Hosting(Offer any version of scripting language in Ruby/Python/NodeJS/PHP etc )