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cPanel Nginx cluster
Horizontally scale webapps on cPanel - Multi Cloud and High Available
Active Realtime security - WAF, Mitigate Brute Force, DDOS and bad bots
Unparalleled system insights, in real-time - netdata integration
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cPanel Nginx cluster
Developer Friendly - PHP-FPM,HHVM,RoR,Python,NodeJS,ColdFusion,Java
Switch versions and projects easily
Install project deps from cPanel
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Services we provide

AUTOM8N believes in quality first

GNU/Linux Server support

24x7 support and monitoring services for your Internet infrastructure

High-Performance cloud hosting

High Performance distributed cloud hosting solutions and consulting services

High Available hosting solutions

Consulting and Deployment of High available web hosting solutions on the cloud

Automation and scripting

Ansible consulting,Automating procedures and deployments, Python and bash scripting

Nginx server consulting

Consulting on high performance nginx deployments and troubleshooting.

Emergency server support

Emergency support and recovery service for GNU/Linux servers . Data restoration and migration

Server Optimization services

Server capacity planning and optimization of GNU/Linux servers and cloud infrastructure

Proactive monitoring

Proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance for GNU/Linux servers and cloud infrastructure. customized monitoring solutions