XtendWeb standalone installation

XtendWeb Requirements: cPanel v68 server with CentOS6/CentOS7/CloudLinux6/CloudLinux7 64 bit OS installed .

XtendWeb is compatible with CloudLinux LVE, CageFS , MySQLGovernor and cPanel MultiPHP and AutoSSL

Recommended setup:

PROXY: Nginx ==> Apache httpd ==> [LSPHP or PHP-FPM ] NATIVE NGINX: Nginx ==> PHP-FPM

1. Install the plugin

yum -y install epel-release
yum -y install https://github.com/AnoopAlias/XtendWeb/raw/ndeploy4/nDeploy-release-centos-1.0-7.noarch.rpm

yum -y --enablerepo=ndeploy install nginx-nDeploy nDeploy # For nginx as webserver
yum -y --enablerepo=ndeploy install openresty-nDeploy nDeploy # For openresty as webserver
  1. Install Application servers(this is required for native nginx mode of operation)
# cPanel httpd (PROXY protocol: http/https)
# This is the default app server and comes pre-configured.
# Xtendweb will default to PROXY to httpd

# PHP (FastCGI protocol)
# On Centos7 do the following for Chrooted PHP-FPM (This is similar to CloudLinux CageFS )
# Do NOT do this on CloudLinux and instead use CageFS
/opt/nDeploy/scripts/init_backends.py jailphpfpm
systemctl restart ndeploy_backends ea-php54-php-fpm ea-php55-php-fpm ea-php56-php-fpm ea-php70-php-fpm ea-php71-php-fpm ea-php72-php-fpm
# Ensure All accounts are set to JailShell in WHM » Home »Account Functions »Manage Shell Access
# Run command below to properly initialize VirtFS Jail
/opt/nDeploy/scripts/init_backends.py autofix

# HHVM (FastCGI protocol)

# Phusion Passenger(Python/Ruby/NodeJS) (Passenger internal protocol)
yum --enablerepo=ndeploy install nginx-nDeploy-module-passenger # Nginx
yum --enablerepo=ndeploy install openresty-nDeploy-module-passenger # Openresty

3. Enable the plugin

/opt/nDeploy/scripts/cpanel-nDeploy-setup.sh enable

Additional Software

# Full Page Redis cache for Wordpress and Drupal

# NetData system Monitoring

Additional Modules

#Note that each module increases the nginx size and processing requirements
#So install only required functionality .
(pagespeed)   yum --enablerepo=ndeploy install nginx-nDeploy-module-pagespeed
(pagespeed)   yum --enablerepo=ndeploy install openresty-nDeploy-module-pagespeed  # OpenResty

(brotli)      yum --enablerepo=ndeploy install nginx-nDeploy-module-brotli
(brotli)      yum --enablerepo=ndeploy install openresty-nDeploy-module-brotli  # OpenResty

(geoip)       yum --enablerepo=ndeploy install nginx-nDeploy-module-geoip
(geoip)       yum --enablerepo=ndeploy install openresty-nDeploy-module-geoip # OpenResty

(modsecurityv3) yum --enablerepo=ndeploy install nginx-nDeploy-module-modsecurity

(testcookie_access) yum --enablerepo=ndeploy install nginx-nDeploy-module-testcookie_access
(testcookie_access) yum --enablerepo=ndeploy install openresty-nDeploy-module-testcookie_access # OpenResty


There are no additional configurations required for the loadable modules.XtendWeb activates the functionality if the rpm is found installed