Managed High Available cPanel web cluster

  Inbuilt DNS loadbalancer

  Zero downtime cPanel server

  High available Web Stack and MySQL

A novel approach to web application clustering.

Practical and Easy

Autom8n cPanel Clustering does not require costly hardware or software. The fully automated setup can be easily done on two different virtual machines or dedicated hardware.

Multi Data Center Support

Autom8n cPanel Cluster nodes can be set up across multiple data centers and provide the best availability. Inter node communication is secure and encrypted.

Fully Managed Solution

With 24x7 monitoring and on-call support. We will ensure that you are covered in all emergencies. Autom8n software plans are all fully managed, including installation.

Extending cPanel

Apart from high availability and scalability to cPanel web stack Autom8n integrates Nginx webserver, Borg backup and Netdata monitoring for the best hosting experience.