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cPanel Nginx cluster
Automated Nginx config generation and web server clustering on cPanel
Active Realtime security - WAF, Mitigate Brute Force and DDOS
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24x7 server support and monitoring

Proactive support and monitoring for your Internet infrastructure
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AUTOM8N is a multifaceted solutions and services company tackling server automation, systems administration and the Internet of things

simple and usable solutions to make your business and the world better

Application Development

We design and develop software solutions to automate web application deployment in a scalable and available way with a strong emphasis on simplicity and usability

24x7 server support

We provide proactive monitoring, real-time chat and email support for your internet infrastructure with a focus on Cloud and automation

Internet of Things

Autom8n is working on various IOT projects on micropython, RaspberryPi, clean transportation and precision agriculture and these projects are aimed at empowering developing nations

  • "At We Push Buttons, we employ GnuSys’ excellent XtendWeb plugin for cPanel to improve the performance of our premium VPS by using Nginx, caching, and application specific templates to take the hassle out of tuning WordPress serving, as well as other types of web applications"

    Hugh Campbell - (

  • "As a webhost, I must say that XtendWeb plugin is beating our expectations for 2 years now. Not only, it plays a key role in our custom security, but the overall performance it provided is sensational"

    Johann Carnevali - YOORshop SAS (

  • "Gnusys was our official consultants in the support of various web application deployments at scale and with each new version of XtendWeb cluster the process and features has matured"

    Kenney Jacob - Ayruz Data Marketing (

XtendWeb - automating Nginx on cPanel

Xtendweb is the perfect tool for deploying web applications across multiple web servers along with the usability and flexibility of the web-based cPanel control panel. XtendWeb is packed with all features an enterprise needs like reliability, scalability and high availability.

Brute force mitigation, Layer7 DDOS mitigation, and Multiple web application firewalls

Xtendweb comes configured out of the box for brute force mitigation and layer7 DDoS mitigation and users can select between ModSecurity v3 or NAXSI for proxy and native Nginx modes

Multiple application servers with support for any version of server side scripting languages

Xtendweb support native Nginx deployment of apps in PHP-FPM, HHVM, Phusion Passenger(Python/NodeJS/RoR) and Java/ColdFusion. With the use of multi-version managers like RVM, PythonZ, NVM etc XtendWeb can support any version of server side scripting languages

Fully automated multi-server scalability

XtendWeb offers the world's easiest web server clustering solution for easily extending your application beyond a single server. Featuring a fully automated setup of the cluster using Ansible and use of application level technologies like Unison, Csync2, MaxScale etc XtendWeb is powerful and simple at the same time. Xtendweb is designed for use across Data Centers and employ encryption for all communication like file syncing, database replication and even session sharing.


SimpleR stands for Simple Resource controller and using systemd resource control it prevents a single service from utilizing entire server resources. Unlike existing solutions simpleR is not meant to limit available computing resources to a user. SimpleR can be thought of as a pressure valve for computing resources.

No requirement of custom kernel or additional software

SimpleR use systemd available in modern OS and control resource using systemd unit files . To provide reseller level resource isolation simpler groups php-fpm and HHVM process under each reseller to a slice and employ resource limits. No bloatware and not tainting of kernel implies more stability.

Stability without limits

Modern systems have a great amount of computing power, limits must ideally be meant to prevent the server from extreme resource starvation than preventing users from getting work done by their scripts.More happy users happen only when there is stability and no limits to useable computing resources.

Set upper limit for resource used by httpd, Nginx, MySQL and PHP

SimpleR lets you set an upper limit for Memory, CPU and IO resources usable by the LAMP stack components. Additionally you can limit resource at user level for PHP/HHVM.