AUTOM8N cluster on CloudLinux

You will need CloudLinux License for both Master(cPanel) and Slave(cPanel DNS-Only)

Both systems must run cloudLinux before Cluster setup

Supported CloudLinux technologies

  1. Cagefs

Install CageFS on both servers

yum install cagefs
/usr/sbin/cagefsctl --init
  1. Apache mod_lsapi PRO

yum install liblsapi liblsapi-devel
yum install ea-apache24-mod_lsapi
/usr/bin/switch_mod_lsapi --setup-light

Once mod_lsapi is installed , you need to switch the default handler for various PHP versions in Home »Software »MultiPHP Manager to lsapi as below

Change PHP handler to lsapi

Also ensure that PHP Selector is disabled in LVE Manager

Disable PHP Selector

Remove Alt-PHP from cPanel MultiPHP Manager

To do so set ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for the Alt-PHP versions in config file /opt/alt/alt-php-config/alt-php.cfg and run /opt/alt/alt-php-config/

This script manages SCL prefixes for the Alt-PHP - removes or creates prefixes in /etc/scl/prefixes.

[MultiPHP Manager]
alt-php44 = no
alt-php51 = no
alt-php52 = no
alt-php53 = no
alt-php54 = no
alt-php55 = yes
alt-php56 = yes
alt-php70 = yes
alt-php71 = yes
alt-php72 = yes

Once above is done, any domain with PHP-FPM disabled in MultiPHP Manager will use LSPHP with Apache and any domain with PHP-FPM enabled will use PHP-FPM with Apache and end user will be able to select different PHP versions from cPanel >> MultiPHP Manager

Thus users will be able to use LSPHP/PHP-FPM with Apache and PHP-FPM with Native Nginx mode