Setting up NodeJS¶


AUTOM8N includes a GUI installer of additional modules required for passenger project. Please place a package.json file in the application root and AUTOM8N can install the requirements specified in this file

1. Enable the Phusion Passenger module /usr/nginx/scripts/

  1. To install additional node binaries do ( Note that only nodeJs versions 0.10 and above will work! )

root@cpanel1 [~]# nvm ls-remote

root@cpanel1 [~]# nvm install v0.11.14

root@cpanel1 [~]# nvm ls
->  v0.10.33
stable -> 0.10 (-> v0.10.33) (default)
unstable -> 0.11 (-> v0.11.14) (default)

/opt/nDeploy/scripts/ add NODEJS v0.11.14 /usr/local/nvm/v0.11.14/bin/node

4. cPanel user can run npm install –production in the package directory

npm install (in package directory, no arguments):

Install the dependencies in the local node_modules folder.

Additional Reference

Additonal Environment variables can be set per application by the cPanel user using custom application templates