Setting up Python (WSGI app)


AUTOM8N includes a GUI installer of additional modules required for passenger project. Please place a requirements.txt file in the application root and AUTOM8N can install the requirements specified in this file

1. Enable the Phusion Passenger module /usr/nginx/scripts/

2. To install additional python

root@cpanel1 [~]# pythonz install 3.4.2

root@cpanel1 [~]# pythonz list
# Installed Python versions

root@cpanel1 [~]# pythonz locate 3.4.2

3. Register the python backend

root@cpanel1 [~]# /opt/nDeploy/scripts/ add PYTHON CPython-3.4.2 /usr/local/pythonz/pythons/CPython-3.4.2/bin/python3

Bootstrapping PIP

PIP can be used to add additional python modules by cPanel user


root@cpanel1 [~]# pythonz locate 3.4.2

root@cpanel1 [~]# /usr/local/pythonz/pythons/CPython-3.4.2/bin/python3

To install PIP packages as user add the –user flag [~]# /usr/local/pythonz/pythons/CPython-2.7.8/bin/pip install --user PyYAML

Additional Reference

Additonal Environment variables can be set per user using custom application templates